Sunday, 10 January 2016

Click the right button

I was going through the problems which the world is facing right now and listed few of them as below:

1. Environmental fiasco
2. Religion based terrorism
3. Economical inactivity
4. Expansionist mind-set by super powers
5. Racism

I would like to squarely hold the super powers responsible for this worse situation. Their silly limited perception about the world of keeping their immediate surroundings neat and clean, but are in no way worried about the rest of the world, referred as "third world".

They are indeed fools to treat Earth in this fashion, yeah they have pretty good mind to stand developed but ignorant enough to let the rest of the world remain unattended.

The air they breathe is common to the whole world, the sunlight they feel is common to all, the water they drink flows round the planet. But they feel superior because they are technologically advanced. How is that possible they forgot a fact that, Earth never listens to technology, though human beings do.

A large solar storm, and your technology symbol satellites/space stations etc are up in flames. A mild earthquake/tsunami and your technology symbol nuclear reactor becomes your enemy.

I mentioned five important points in the beginning and do you know a common thread which binds all the five. Its LACK OF LOVE.

You don't love nature and you harm environment, you don't love religion and you harm another religion, you don't love your job and you stand exposed to economic turbulence , you don't love small princely states around you and you harm them and lastly you don't love a person with less knowledge and term him/her racist to harm the same.

The time has come for world leaders to realise the fact that the world is not like bits of paper as they see, but it as bundle of nature to be treated as a wholesome.

If the time taken to realise this fact exceeds the threshold then the time will arrive wherein Earth will be forced to bid a goodbye to stupid HUMAN RACE.

I wish the world leaders shall CLICK THE RIGHT BUTTON at the earliest.


Monday, 14 September 2015

Technology - My servant

I am from Bangalore, sorry its Bengaluru. IT capital of India and IT stands for Information technology. 

What is Technology? Technology can be defined as application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose.

Hang on, this isn't about any personal interview nor about general knowledge nor any question and answer session. Then it is about technology.

I would like to pull you back, I mean to say very very back, let us go back to our past. Sailing over the clouds of our acts which we committed in our childhood we go deep into towards our origin. Yeah, we are here.

Sorry, I need to take support of religion because I started to learn about human past from the scriptures which are linked to religion, tight and strong. Scriptures are called  Bible, Geetha , Quran, Vedas etc. They are our past but remains mostly a function of deep feel of belief passed on from one generation to another.

I would like to take the support of Adam and Eve. They being the first man and women. God, who is also a function of deep belief., I need him too. In short, I would like to talk about our origin and origin would surely been associated with evolution of first man and women who started to love and began generating their off-springs to populate this world to present stage.

The mother earth is brimming with people or I can also say as muddy earth is filled with moving bodies. Though both conveys about presence of human beings on the earth the way explained differs completely.

The hero of today's world is TECHNOLOGY. And the people, who are connected to the technology like late Mr. Steve jobs, Mr. Bill etc are the most revered people on this earth as on date. But why? The answers to this simple question is indeed abundant. 

Technology has become oxygen of our life without which there will be blue screen over this society. We cannot imagine a day, wherein we stopped using our phones/ tabs. We are addicted to the technology. Technology rules us. If we got to be rich, we need support of technology. If we need to become celebrity, we need technology. If we wish to achieve things in life, we need technology.

Technology has become the king. People are molding themselves towards technology. Each one wants to be a close relative of the same. Ready to do anything. Kids are being groomed as technological slaves who are fed mathematics and science to match their IQs with that of Einstein. People fear losing this technological race. World has become a place for exhibition of technology ranging from submarine to satellites, from missiles to nuclear weapons. We, humans are close enough towards cloning himself on a 3-d printer using technology.

But I said that We are humans but we should have become robots by now, who can have those incredible ability to CALCULATE things. CALCULATION=TECHNOLOGY. Why are we still human beings? But this question is not so difficult to answer. There being one line answer and same is " WE ARE BORN HUMAN."

As I said in the begining of adam of eve story, we are function of their LOVE. Why not we been function of their anger, function of their fear, function of their TECHNOLOGY? But we are function of their LOVE and we are born HUMAN.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY are racing with NATURE. Former want to create LIFE which is the special patent of NATURE . Its about test tube babies, artificial insemination, IVF, C-section etc etc. Everything racing against nature.SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY wants to decide on birth and death of the human race which is nothing but an attempt to overpower NATURE in its entirety. But the fact remains about the winner, we need to think about. 

If the S&T wins then there will be days when everything will be programmed on this Earth. Your Birthday, your time of engagement on this earth, your death day. You will be billed for the same too. This earth will be more of a visit to a theme park, where rich will have access to more number of games and poor got to get satisfied with limited facilities.So make sure that Nature continues to win which will preserve the RANDOM BEAUTY of this world.

But they indeed, S&T are necessary when NATURE faults such as in medical diagnosis field but the same shouldn't become a substitute. If at all this becomes a reality then we will be more of starting at birth point and ending at death point and between these two point we exist as a programmable consoles and we will be forced to believe that, SCIENCE is our religion and TECHNOLOGY is our way of LIFE. 


Thanks to one and all. If any of my reader can make arrangements for a TED talk then I would be thankful to them. :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Activity, Activity, Activity

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!!

Back to blogging and I am loving it.
There is lots going around. Its make in India campaign, swach Bharat, its vyapam scam, its 56 inch world traveler Prime minister, its mega hit Bahubali, its Maggi oust, it Leander paes, its Sania mirza, its activity, activity, activity around me.

Being personal its my BE, its about managing love, its about job hunting, its about hearing good things from people around, its activity, activity, activity.

We all have plans. The plans when its purely based on good intent refuse to die down despite some external interferences of the fate. That will to achieve and prove ourselves never melts down when it is a function of well crafted thoughts in mind.

That will pushes us up, it pulls us out, it never allows to take a nap and continuously infuses energy into the soul which keeps track of our intent and intensified quest for the direction of excellence.In that quest, it checks us for many parameters and most important being the ability of our mind to judge right things despite most difficult undefined situations of life.

No one can perfectly explain ones emotions to other, because no one can experience other's happiness or pain in totality. Its unique to ones soul and its the soul which tries to first reason out the rightness of the emotion a person undergoes. When there is a bit of confusion in that reason then person becomes restless making the people around him/her go restless. And its the nature which has that ability to bring out that unique sync between soul and person .Nature,the rescuer.

You might be wondering the logic behind these words or the need to portray such scenarios. If you are willing to achieve something of your lifetime then, you got to know that you got to have that deep respect for nature in your heart or else in that trial of achievement you can vanish easily with a little degree of deviation in your intended steps.

My heart goes to such situations in my life, not once, not twice but many times, wherein my adamant decisions to achieve things in life put me in that corner of life where no one would feel comfortable to stand even for a second. But I stood, withstood and did which I had to do.

Fruits are not yet visible in the near field which could be shared with the people but a sense of calmness has prevailed upon myself which is impressive unto my soul. Rest is all about for the people around, about  proving them that I have achieved indeed . Let me see how far this story goes about and keep you updated with the facts you may find interesting or relate to your life.

Till then keep your heart up and never let it to slip even for a slight moment of time. Nature is watching you, its evaluating you.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Emotional accidents in Life...... :)

It surely happens and it should happen once in lifetime for everyone of us. Everything seems to be going on a high note and life seems to be flying like anything. We will be seeking dates with angels of heaven and feel to be seated on the throne of diamond. Mind will be running at the speed of lightning very much eager to achieve unimaginable in life and slightly our feet will be off the ground.

Just at this moment in life, we will be introduced to a problem which will be an ultimate check on the flying mode of life. A decision and everything will be a thing of past, our dreams, our vision and our aims. A sudden jolt of reality will struck our senses to make us realize that our feet is still on the ground and world never moves according to our imagination.

The absolute brightness is replaced by absolute darkness, absolute positiveness is replaced by absolute negativity and absolute inspiration is replaced by absolute disappointment. Heavens will turn into hell, throne of diamond will turn into throne of thorns. All plus becomes all minus.Life comes to a halt at a null point with a no other way to escape from the worse and your heart will search for light of hope with a big question of What next???? If you give up, its death on the other end.....

Its time for you to recall, recollect, re-analyse and review the whole point of view you had about life. You will be introduced to a great truth that life is not the same for everyone. You have one life and your immediate next person has a different life. It all depends on the situations you are exposed to and view you build about the life within your mind which may/ may not sink with reality. 

At the outset emotional accidents which may be due to love failure or loss of beloved ones or a good dream getting broken is very important thing happen in ones life at least once or otherwise we may live hidden in our own world unaware of various worlds around us and thus miss a great opportunity to understand the truly loving people around us.

Get ready to be heartbroken once in your lifetime, its surely a lifetime opportunity....I had my turn...its ur turn  :))))

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Disciplined few vs In-disciplined many... where u will get in?

If you are a guy/ girl settled in a good software job with an handful of salary and with a great family to take care of and have no problem with anyone around then u might not need to think about the subject as you don't feel like thinking about the matter.

But there may be a situation you would run into some form of trouble due to other's mistake rather than yours and you would be in tight spot to discover that this world is really not what you had thought and it is reality that though the world around you is beautiful but true world is not the same. It is not as bad as I am trying to portray but not as good as you were thinking to be.

The problem with the world is that there are few disciplined and many in-disciplined and hence there is total chaos in the world where disciplined wants to understand the world whereas in-disciplined wants to enjoy this world at the cost of disciplined people unconsciously. This basic difference is the reason for the chaos.

It is quiet difficult to make an in-disciplined believe in the path of disciplined as he/she may be skeptical about the so called colorless, entertainment-less, boring world of discipline. But there is no other way, its the transformation which is much needed, we have to make the disciplined world a little more joyful experience. If at all ppl don't wish to join the disciplined world for want of joy they should at least have one friend who is part of that world and give him/her the due respect which they deserve by restraining themselves from the corrupting the former.

This will surely update the whole world with best ideas churned out by the disciplined community of great thinkers, academicians, scientists and research and developers.

What do you think??

Sunday, 9 February 2014

We are What our Gods are....

GOD and it is that word which everyone of us relate to in difficult times though not at happy times. Atheists may say there is no God but still they thrive upon the word "GOD" with a suffix "IS NO WHERE". 

Being an Indian, I believe in God. As said in the film Life of PI, we are introduced to many Gods in Indian culture and even I know few of them. But I wonder the need for so many Gods for us and why we need so many Gods altogether?  Doesn't one God is enough to satisfy our needs and save us from dire situations? 

These questions really put me on high thinking mode and the answer for this question was really strange. I mean to say, we are really what we think our Gods are by heart. Yeah, its true.

However harsh or rude a person may behave with you, he has his own God and he has his own prayers to the God. Try to find out the God he follows and you will be shocked to find that he truly resembles the God he follows.

I can give give you examples of reality. Just observe the Buddhist/Jains they truely resemble the qualities of the Lord Buddha/ Jain by heart even though they may not be so in the material world of business which requires them to lie/hoodwink. But by heart they want to be like Lord Buddha, they want to follow him by heart given an opportunity.

Similarly in tamil culture we have God's like karrupu samy, ayyanar etc and these gods are really rude and they are said to consume alcohol, non veg. And you will find that people who follow these Gods really like to consume alcohol and non veg and resemble their God by heart.

My point is that GOD is the one who we really to live like by heart, though we may behave differently with people around. He is the first source of inspiration to us.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Love.. wondering.. having a great idea about it..

Was busy in my world of blog, books and other philosophical matters of the world.. Was never interested in love.. which was something a holy thing to me... indeed still a holy thing to me.. It is that idea of seeing ourselves into the heart of others... you get that feel of being in the thoughts of your girl friend or wife.. and she being into your thoughts..

There is other part of the story wherein people view love as a form of physical affection .. To be true .. yeah the ultimate relationship between a girl and a boy ends in physical attachment but that relationship would be more strong if there was mixture of emotional attachment too..

But we can define a relationship for ourselves and not to others and hence the concept of pairing or love is interesting.. different interests merging at a point to give birth to a new interest indeed...