Monday, 5 November 2012

Power of like :))

The power of like…

Have you ever observed in your life about an act committed by you willfully and differentiate it with a act committed just because of some external pressure. Well most of the people like to do easy things and get frustrated when they are given a task beyond their limits.
But my topic is not about the easy or difficult tasks but is more about the acts which we like to do but due to some reasons we find ourselves incapable of fulfilling those wishes. IT may as simple as dancing in a rain or as complex as inventing some new concepts in this world. But a wish is a wish and it keeps scratching our hearts to make us feel dejected.

 I would like to mention about the story of a person involved in carving statues of Gods. A good job, a happy family and a good talent. Guy was leading a heavenly life. Each and every idol carved by him was exhibiting divine look and this made people from far end to come in search of this great artist. Always busy was this good  and god loving human.

As usual involved was this gentlemen, another gentlemen introducing himself as a representative of a great kingdom reached out to the artist with an offer to carve a six feet idol of a goddess to be kept a temple being constructed by the king. Talented sculpture was very happy to accept the offer and started his work of the idol to be completed asap.

With great devotion and dedication sculpture completed carving of the sculpture out of most precious stone available with him and it was taken to the temple where it was to be kept for worshiping. On the inaugural day king was mesmerized with the artistic as well divine beauty associated with the idol. He was so much impressed that he ordered his minister to take him to the sculpture along with great amounts of gold and silver as a reward to the talent.

Artist was very happy to receive the king and accepted reward graciously. But the next moment he was stunned by a request of king. King’s request was to carve his image with same artistic sense as done with idol of goddess. Artist was left speechless, but was able to regain his balance and explained his position. 

Artist spoke,” Honorable king. I have been honored by your request but at the same time you need to understand that I have dedicated myself to carving of idols of God and Goddess, which happens to be the main reason of interest for me to be a great artist. I fear that I may not be able to get your image imposed on to the stone as perfectly as imposing the image of divine souls. I hence express by inability of accepting your request.”

King was polite enough to understand the feelings of artist but tried to incite the greed quality by offering one tenth of his property to him. Still the artist refused and king had to return empty handed.
When the artist's family came to know about the king's offer, they were so much excited that they began to pressurize former to accept the offer. Unable to convince the family about his sentiments, artist sent a message to the king about accepting the offer and requested for some of his paintings as reference to his carvings.

King readily sent the paintings and artist began carving the idol. But this time there was something missing from his end- dedication and devotion. He completed the carving and sent the idol to king.

King, who was eagerly waiting for the idol was quite happy to see the statue covered with cloth. He ordered the servants to the remove the shield. With all the members of the family present over there, when the shield was removed everyone began to laugh. 

The idol resembled to the brother of King than by king himself. King was much embarrassed by the idol; he immediately dispatched soldiers with a message composed by his minister.
Soldiers reached the place of the artist and read out the message:

Respected Artist,
I received the idol and I am sad to inform you that it doesn’t resemble an inch of my king. It would have been better if you had not carved the idol itself. I believe that a sense of greed prevailed on you in accepting our offer and made you commit a grave mistake of insulting my king by not acting in the right manner.
It is hence decided that you are hereby banished from our kingdom for a year as a reward for your mistake
After reading out the message, soldiers immediately asked him to vacate the kingdom and sent him and his family away from the boundaries.

It is a simple story to demonstrate that more than the money it is the interest and like associated with an work which has the ability to glorify it and nothing else can substitute the same..!!!