Sunday, 9 February 2014

We are What our Gods are....

GOD and it is that word which everyone of us relate to in difficult times though not at happy times. Atheists may say there is no God but still they thrive upon the word "GOD" with a suffix "IS NO WHERE". 

Being an Indian, I believe in God. As said in the film Life of PI, we are introduced to many Gods in Indian culture and even I know few of them. But I wonder the need for so many Gods for us and why we need so many Gods altogether?  Doesn't one God is enough to satisfy our needs and save us from dire situations? 

These questions really put me on high thinking mode and the answer for this question was really strange. I mean to say, we are really what we think our Gods are by heart. Yeah, its true.

However harsh or rude a person may behave with you, he has his own God and he has his own prayers to the God. Try to find out the God he follows and you will be shocked to find that he truly resembles the God he follows.

I can give give you examples of reality. Just observe the Buddhist/Jains they truely resemble the qualities of the Lord Buddha/ Jain by heart even though they may not be so in the material world of business which requires them to lie/hoodwink. But by heart they want to be like Lord Buddha, they want to follow him by heart given an opportunity.

Similarly in tamil culture we have God's like karrupu samy, ayyanar etc and these gods are really rude and they are said to consume alcohol, non veg. And you will find that people who follow these Gods really like to consume alcohol and non veg and resemble their God by heart.

My point is that GOD is the one who we really to live like by heart, though we may behave differently with people around. He is the first source of inspiration to us.


  1. Hey Deepak, Hi. Let me tell you the things which I had come across when I was in search of God. God is always seen by everyone in the from of Light. God has not got any body / shape as such we has. The Gods which you are addressing to are Devathas, who had walked in the way of God. The below image resembles Devatha's worshiping God. God was always seen in the form of light and that is the reason, our ancestors created Lingam to worship God. In the below pic, you will see all Devathas are front on Linga worshiping it and few showing their fingers towards sky which indicates God, the Supreme Soul of all.

  2. I am unable to post the pics, hence I am posting it in the below link, please downlaod the same for the above conclusion. Thanks...