Saturday, 9 June 2012

Against the mad mighty..........!!!!!!!!!

Mention Bellary- arises the mining scam, mention mining scam - arises the Reddy and family. They are the people who according to Lokayukta report ran their own Republic of Bellary and established their own kingdom. Selling the free Iron ore and making huge profits to buy- BMWs, helicopters, bunglows etc etc.

They made holes in the land and filled their own pockets in the returns. They have Govt support, money support, manpower support. Who is going to stop them?????? As the  heads of the bad gets high its time for the good people to raise the hands and knock on the heads of those unjustified people.

And two people rose to the occasion- Justice Santosh Hegde (TOP) and Shri SR Hiremath (BOTTOM) .

One being a honest officer and another being a loyal social activist. The common characteristics between both personalities is their honesty to their duties. I wonder out of hundreds of corrupt officers and politicians, how come these two people chose their way apart? We hear parents saying go with the mass. What ever the society accepts we should also follow the concept. If neighbor pays Rs.50 as bribe to waterman we should also pay the same else we will become odd among many. But above mentioned two personalities are truly odd, they are odd among many mad...!!!!! It takes true guts and blessing of God to be allowed to gain prominence in the path where others fears to walk.

I wish that all the risks taken by these brave old people really becomes useful by putting the culprits behind the bars and provoking many other people to stand against the wrong doers bravely and honestly.........!!!!!!!!!!!Proud to be a Kannadiga!!!!!!

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