Sunday, 17 June 2012

We n I...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a recall about our family system...........though boring to read on a Sunday holiday when we are supposed to check out about the latest cinema running in near by malls or events to be attended in the evening...

Time changes everything..or situations ...we have excuses for changing...i.e to be in tune with the masses....I wonder how come this culture creep into our bloods.. In Western countries no one person likes to follow others.. they wish to be unique..self centered and never worry when a person criticizes his/her way.......

So the master mind reason behind our follow the neighbor strategy is our family system practiced by us for decades.Those days each mother would comfortably give birth to 10 kids...And those 10 kids would grow up together with a sense of sharing the common facilities provided by their parents...They may fight but after sometime they have to get together either for food or some other occasions of celebrations..Out of ten members there is a chance of two or three fighting at a time and other seven would try to pacify the angry kids, to be simple they can never stay apart for a long time. And this became the order of their life, they began to give importance to leading  their lives together by sacrificing their individual interests than staying apart to follow their own passion.

Think of today's family system, one kid's clothes are not touched by other sibling,one cannot try to question other's personal life. Communication barrier are created between the kids and even parents support the same in the name of privacy. Privacy has become a huge hurdle for creation of strong bonded relationships. One hesitates to question others way of life as they fear of backlash, one doesn't like to share his/her dreams with others fearing of being teased.

But when I observe my parents and their sisters, they share their ideas with ease. No fear of backlash, tease etc. They believe in sharing and understand the value of that share.

Sharing money/clothes/items is not great, but feeling comfortable about sharing your thoughts is a gift and our old family system was successful in attaining that goal.

So next time you see a friend not speaking to someone, try to find out the reason and restore the relationships, even though it may require you to enter into their so called personal life. It is the people who are required at the end of the day to share our happiness or grief and no amount of money can replace those understanding people.

A typical big family of mine... sorry for keeping it small (privacy matters)..Copy rights @ my sister. So when you have people, you need to fight, need to share, need to pacify, need to hang around. With these needs fulfilled you will experience SATISFACTION IN LIFE....!!!!!!! Happy Weekend..!!!!

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