Saturday, 6 October 2012

It's always wrong to take a wrong route....!!!!!!

We are moving ahead counting each second, each minute, each hour, each day.. with an idea in mind..with an expectation in eyes...with an act to be done from our end..!!

And the most compelling part of the story is about people around and the way we get treated or we treat them during the course of  the task completion do matters in this journey of life.

A practical incident is revealed for you. A need for caste and income certificate took me to Tahsildar's office situated at K.G. Road of Bangalore. News Papers did publish about single window counter which would receive application for my need at the center. A step into the premises, I was greeted by a long queue of people waiting for their turn. Standing in a queue is nothing new for me, a I do it before an ATM,in banks etc, but I had to think about the documents required from my end, so that the same can be submitted to a gentlemen who receives the people in queue.

A query was raised about the documents before a person who was ahead of me in the series. He asked me to get a form downstairs and  a TC as well as income proof. I could buy the form but a TC was missing from my file and procedure for income proof was burdensome. In a confused state, I shared about the problem with a guy who was selling forms and he said, "I can do the job for you for some extra money." The need for certificate was urgent and I had no time to hang around doing some experiments with an highly disordered system. I paid!!!

In any part of world, customer is treated as God but in a black market customer is treated like dog. The treatment goes as follows: Said amount was paid and date was informed on which I was assured of the certificate. The guy shared his phone number and  asked me to call to confirm about the readiness of the certificate with him. Exactly after two days, I made a call and there was an excuse for the delay which postponed the deadline to two days later. Once gain, I made the call and the tone changed from courteous to irritating mode and he asked me to call back in the evening. A call in the evening greeted me with some complaints and he asked me not to disturb for two more days. 
Certificate was needed for an urgent requirement and that was the reason which compelled me to pay that EXTRA AMOUNT. But the delay in receipt of certificate had put me in a tight situation. Went to the person who had collected the money and tried to explain about the urgency. He was reluctant who blamed on the faulty machines for the delay. I could not complain as the route selected by me wasn't legal nor could I  demand my money back as he wasn't ready to pay back. With no way to settle the situation, I had to maintain patience. After two to three visits to the guy, he wavered the certificate before me.Ah!! my joy knew no the certificate served my purpose.!!

Task was simple..but much effort was invested for the same. And I was made to wait like a nut with no room to complain before the guys who are not even graduates.!!

Well to skip one round I paid, I got rebuked ..!!! So never ever go for shortcuts guys..They suck..!!!

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