Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stepping stone..

People become steps ..people become ladders..people become spotlights...they are known as Teachers. I often wonder about the reason about a person who knows something about a field and has the ability to earn much more in that direction stop himself/herself to transform into a teacher.

There may many reasons associated with that single decision of becoming a teacher but basically it requires quality of  understanding a subject in a way explainable to the students whom he/she needs to address.

Being a teacher is something like being a partial boss of a company without paying any salary instead you need to pay. H/she can command you within the limits and you cannot say no because s/he is ahead in the scale of knowledge and you cannot deny those privileges to teachers.

They teach you, they measure you, they grade you, they scold you, they may even incite you but all this is for those few years of union. A few years later and you visit him/her with a successful career in hand, it is that same teacher who will feel happy for the rest of the day thinking about you ..only you..!! LOVE THY TEACHERS..!!!

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