Thursday, 21 February 2013

A ride to remember....:)

Never had been through such a series of incidents, a travel which I ought to remember...

My brother got me a travel ticket which would take me and my brother to Chennai on a multi-axle bus owned by a travels company and the booking was done on RED-BUS website.

It was around 9.30 pm on 13/feb and cab was at our door steps.Within one hour, our cab reached the Majestic area where the bus was supposed to departure. Bus did arrive as per schedule to bus stop and we got into the bus after all other passengers from Chennai got down except some six members.

After identifying our seats..we got settled to have a good travel nap. And the next moment there was an argument between those six people who had not alighted the bus with the bus driver.

We thought it to be a minor issue and dint care much about the incident. Bus was suppose to depart at around 10.45pm and it was 11.15pm. Argument still continued without any signs of settlement and we were getting late. With no other choice, we need to go to the spot and enquire into the details. 

Six people were supposed to travel to Pune, are you wondering about their travel in the bus bound to bangalore? I have the answer, the guys booked the ticket to pune via redbus and due to some confusion or greed of the bus travels, these guys were assured of a connecting bus from bangalore to pune as soon as they dropped at bangalore. But to the bad luck of the bus travels , the other connecting bus left the place as it was fully booked.

And the pune guys were left sulking. I really admired the quick action taken by those guys who called the police and took the bus driver along with the bus and us to the police station to lodge a complaint against the owner of the bus. 

At last, the bus manager had to pay for the greed and refund the amount to those six travelers for the inconvenience.And we on the other end were busy complaining to the bus driver about the delay.

After much hush and rush, bus did depart at around 1.00am....:(

So dear friends and travelers,  pl do travel in buses operated by standard travel company when it is about long journey..and this turns out to be the moral of the story...

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