Sunday, 17 March 2013

A night-out... Its Namma Bengaluru Awards..2012

On 16th March at 6.30pm wanting to be in a crowded environment to have that little bit of extra energy to be gained from them, checked out the newspaper's event section and it was Namma Bengaluru Awards-2012 presented by Namma Bengaluru Foundation for various people serving Bengaluru city under their own capacities.

It was just twenty minutes drive from my house. Saturday weekend at Malleshwaram ground, its fixed. Got my bike and I was there to become a part of vibrant environment and was not disappointed.

Program began with a special performance by a Bangalore lad who painted portrait of Shri Kempegowda in 5 minutes, it was great fete (sorry I don't remember his name), next piece of painting was still more wonderful he managed to draw portrait of Dr. Rajkumar (Icon of Kannadigas) upside down. Couldn't stop appreciating his talent.

And next one hour, it was awarding session where dignitaries were awarded in various categories with a Mantap. And crowd cheered for each awardee. 

Finally it was for music and fun. Guess the person and it was our own energetic Raghu Dixit who made the audience stand on their toes with his ever Vibrant music supported by his flutist, guitarists and drummer, a perfect combination indeed.

He sang many songs for us and made our hearts bloom to its maximum size and hence made my day. 

A sincere thanks to him and Namma Bangaluru foundation.

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