Sunday, 5 May 2013

Art of decision making...quite difficult..

We almost drive ourselves into a situation wherein a left and right directions confuse us a lot. But the one who is clear about his/her destination chooses right direction quite early indeed. The one who gets stuck in confusion eats up the time. But even after doing so if the person chooses wrong direction then it is a disaster of massive ill effects.

I have no hesitation in accepting the fact that i am a late pick vehicle, but i am even proud to say that though late I end up in riding in the right direction. Due to this disadvantage of doing late people usually hesitate to travel along. Earlier it used to make me feel incapable and often guilty about my inability to move along with the people which even made me to restrict my rightful desires but as the time passed the same so called giving up became a fault among the eyes of the people. Though i did it for the love of the dear ones but they began to see me as a incapable idiot.

It was a difficult part of my life, but never to say 'I cannot' got up from the sober situation to tackle the challenge right through its eyes, I am struggling for excellence and quite confident in completing the circle in a big way. So many nos, so many laughs but everyone had one wish for me, they wanted to see me happy and I love their deep from heart support.The only thing which make me feel painful is about the fact that I wasted precious time on not so precious things and never wish to repeat the same. Striving towards excellence till the this life...

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