Monday, 10 June 2013

Flip Flop---the way we do.....

Its almost 11.00 in the night and i am about to write or yell at the internet world. But do you know yelling does help us to relieve ourselves of our tensions and we will be in a better position of handling the things in the day to day life filled with tensions.

And hence i am yelling at you please don't mind. Have you ever faced a situation wherein you had to buy back your words which were uttered out of frustration/ with an intention to hide something which you didn't wish to divulge? Yeah, we often face such instances in life and when we are caught we use a comfortable technique called or known as FLIP-FLOP and this is the subject of this hour.

Have you counted the number of times you have twisted your tongue and faced an embarrassing situation indeed? And it is quite interesting to find that there exists a direct relationship between the number and the principles followed by you. And it is a fact indeed. When you speak out something it is a function of the principles followed by you and when you are strong at your principles no one can rule out your decisions as to be flimsy.

These flip flops can also make you look like a joker but at certain times can break the hearts very badly and hence it is better to gauge the effect of these flip flops and limit the same to be of a less milder one...So be careful with your words... :)

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