Saturday, 12 March 2016

Salute to knowledge

There many reasons for people to thrive on this earth and it extends towards many directions that is hard to be quantified and modelled.

One of the most difficult aspect of part of life is to chose a role model or an indicator to the proper direction of life.

We find many indicators around who are ready to become our destination and we are busy proving them that they are not for sure.

Sometime we may succeed and sometimes we may not. This battle which is hard to explain to the outer world occupies much of our life.

Coming back to the indicators, we surely get lured. Indicator called money lures us to become our destiny, desire of leading high social status lures us to become our destiny, revenge on someone becomes our destiny.

But we keep fighting to make sure they do not  become our destiny and we keep reminding ourselves on these things with  newer philosophy which keeps us away from the wrong indicators.

This process of identifying newer philosophy is indeed a function of a factor called KNOWLEDGE.

KNOWLEDGE keeps us active and never allows us to settle for nonsense.Its the reason for certain people not settling for anything but KNOWLEDGE which is a perfect indicator and keeps us informed about the value of things around, to make sure our destiny is indeed something valuable.

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