Sunday, 10 January 2016

Click the right button

I was going through the problems which the world is facing right now and listed few of them as below:

1. Environmental fiasco
2. Religion based terrorism
3. Economical inactivity
4. Expansionist mind-set by super powers
5. Racism

I would like to squarely hold the super powers responsible for this worse situation. Their silly limited perception about the world of keeping their immediate surroundings neat and clean, but are in no way worried about the rest of the world, referred as "third world".

They are indeed fools to treat Earth in this fashion, yeah they have pretty good mind to stand developed but ignorant enough to let the rest of the world remain unattended.

The air they breathe is common to the whole world, the sunlight they feel is common to all, the water they drink flows round the planet. But they feel superior because they are technologically advanced. How is that possible they forgot a fact that, Earth never listens to technology, though human beings do.

A large solar storm, and your technology symbol satellites/space stations etc are up in flames. A mild earthquake/tsunami and your technology symbol nuclear reactor becomes your enemy.

I mentioned five important points in the beginning and do you know a common thread which binds all the five. Its LACK OF LOVE.

You don't love nature and you harm environment, you don't love religion and you harm another religion, you don't love your job and you stand exposed to economic turbulence , you don't love small princely states around you and you harm them and lastly you don't love a person with less knowledge and term him/her racist to harm the same.

The time has come for world leaders to realise the fact that the world is not like bits of paper as they see, but it as bundle of nature to be treated as a wholesome.

If the time taken to realise this fact exceeds the threshold then the time will arrive wherein Earth will be forced to bid a goodbye to stupid HUMAN RACE.

I wish the world leaders shall CLICK THE RIGHT BUTTON at the earliest.


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