Monday, 14 September 2015

Technology - My servant

I am from Bangalore, sorry its Bengaluru. IT capital of India and IT stands for Information technology. 

What is Technology? Technology can be defined as application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose.

Hang on, this isn't about any personal interview nor about general knowledge nor any question and answer session. Then it is about technology.

I would like to pull you back, I mean to say very very back, let us go back to our past. Sailing over the clouds of our acts which we committed in our childhood we go deep into towards our origin. Yeah, we are here.

Sorry, I need to take support of religion because I started to learn about human past from the scriptures which are linked to religion, tight and strong. Scriptures are called  Bible, Geetha , Quran, Vedas etc. They are our past but remains mostly a function of deep feel of belief passed on from one generation to another.

I would like to take the support of Adam and Eve. They being the first man and women. God, who is also a function of deep belief., I need him too. In short, I would like to talk about our origin and origin would surely been associated with evolution of first man and women who started to love and began generating their off-springs to populate this world to present stage.

The mother earth is brimming with people or I can also say as muddy earth is filled with moving bodies. Though both conveys about presence of human beings on the earth the way explained differs completely.

The hero of today's world is TECHNOLOGY. And the people, who are connected to the technology like late Mr. Steve jobs, Mr. Bill etc are the most revered people on this earth as on date. But why? The answers to this simple question is indeed abundant. 

Technology has become oxygen of our life without which there will be blue screen over this society. We cannot imagine a day, wherein we stopped using our phones/ tabs. We are addicted to the technology. Technology rules us. If we got to be rich, we need support of technology. If we need to become celebrity, we need technology. If we wish to achieve things in life, we need technology.

Technology has become the king. People are molding themselves towards technology. Each one wants to be a close relative of the same. Ready to do anything. Kids are being groomed as technological slaves who are fed mathematics and science to match their IQs with that of Einstein. People fear losing this technological race. World has become a place for exhibition of technology ranging from submarine to satellites, from missiles to nuclear weapons. We, humans are close enough towards cloning himself on a 3-d printer using technology.

But I said that We are humans but we should have become robots by now, who can have those incredible ability to CALCULATE things. CALCULATION=TECHNOLOGY. Why are we still human beings? But this question is not so difficult to answer. There being one line answer and same is " WE ARE BORN HUMAN."

As I said in the begining of adam of eve story, we are function of their LOVE. Why not we been function of their anger, function of their fear, function of their TECHNOLOGY? But we are function of their LOVE and we are born HUMAN.

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY are racing with NATURE. Former want to create LIFE which is the special patent of NATURE . Its about test tube babies, artificial insemination, IVF, C-section etc etc. Everything racing against nature.SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY wants to decide on birth and death of the human race which is nothing but an attempt to overpower NATURE in its entirety. But the fact remains about the winner, we need to think about. 

If the S&T wins then there will be days when everything will be programmed on this Earth. Your Birthday, your time of engagement on this earth, your death day. You will be billed for the same too. This earth will be more of a visit to a theme park, where rich will have access to more number of games and poor got to get satisfied with limited facilities.So make sure that Nature continues to win which will preserve the RANDOM BEAUTY of this world.

But they indeed, S&T are necessary when NATURE faults such as in medical diagnosis field but the same shouldn't become a substitute. If at all this becomes a reality then we will be more of starting at birth point and ending at death point and between these two point we exist as a programmable consoles and we will be forced to believe that, SCIENCE is our religion and TECHNOLOGY is our way of LIFE. 


Thanks to one and all. If any of my reader can make arrangements for a TED talk then I would be thankful to them. :)

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