Saturday, 2 April 2016

Its not to whom you pray but what you pray for and how you pray

Welcome to Hinduism.

I am not here to denounce other religion not even to promote my religion.

But I need religion , because when I speak something spiritual then religion comes into picture and I am Hindu, hence my below write up will surely have a touch of the same.

Again I am bound to inform you that I am not here to promote religion, not mine and not even yours.

Have you ever tried to recall, when was the last time you took support of your religion. Don't worry, I can help you out, or in that case I take support of religion and spirituality whenever reach of my mind gets limited. When my decisions need to take into account the dynamic behaviour of the people around as well as when I feel like making a wish for someone who is near to my heart, religion and spirituality does takes an important position.

I see someone struggling in life and there is no materialistic way wherein I can help him/her out , the last tool I have in my hand is to wish good for him/her  and pray for him/her.

I visit pooja room of my house and pray to my Lord Venkateshwara. I wish for solution to the problems which are beyond my reach of thinking. 

Now it was about me, I know that even you do the same unless you are an atheist. You might pray to Jesus, you might pray to Allah.

But it isn't about whom we pray for and it is more about what we  pray for and how we pray. Often we do end up praying something bad for others as a revenge for bad incidence, and again in this case we might not be truly involved. 

When we pray for something good to the people we love, we often do it sincerely out of love and affection.

So we do have false prayer and true prayer. It becomes totally immaterial to whom we pray which is basically a function of belief our heart follows.

Content and quality of our prayer is primary and delivery is quite secondary.

The situation in the world right now is quite reversed, wherein we are fighting on whom we should pray and aren't concentrating on what we should pray for.

Hope there will be an end to our madness and we shall really concentrate on what we should pray for and how we should pray.

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