Sunday, 8 May 2016

Five years deadline.... From Garden city to Dead City

Luckily, I have my house situated in a locality which gives a good picture of greenery i.e a reserved forest area called Jarakhabande. 

While going on a jog through the forest, it feels so good and unexplainable. To be amidst greenery with less people around.

But a huge housing project is on its way, within an year it will be crowded like a majestic area. I will need to share my lung space to the many new comers.

Welcome to Bangalore and according to IISC experts it is on its way of becoming a "DEAD CITY"

I have read reports of climate change, water level increase etc etc on a global level, but to read something of the city which was my birth place I had to recheck the veracity of the report.

Just a bit of google, I was introduced to the picture below:

Please click the link for more information on the picture:

The more I read the article more it has made me to think of the place I happen to live.

The report was more like a scientific paper, the line which really disturbed is that "Each person needs support of at least 8 trees to live in terms carbon di oxide and oxygen balance, but to the contrary reality is completely reversed i.e. only one tree is available for every seven person."

I wished the report of warning had been out when the things were not too bad.

The way Bangalore is being urbanized senselessly, I think it is going to be case study to other cities on "HOW KILLING GREENERY WILL KILL THE CITY"

Once a garden city now racing to become a dead city :-(

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