Monday, 23 May 2016

A surprise visit to City of Nizams -- Hyderabad

Single 100 Rs. Sharing 10 Rs.

Hold on! It was about cost of hiring an auto. Having visited the city of Nizam for the first time, I knew a lot was going to happen over this first visit. Never to get disappointed, my interest safeguarded.

Nothing was planned but upon continuous mails, I was forced to visit this place. Visiting a customer with half knowledge of the subject is like entering the jungle to hunt down an animal with no weapons in hand. The chances of getting bitten is quite high.

The same fear hounded me, but to my complete luck, the customer oops he should be mentioned as a guide indeed ended up teaching me. We became a got team to deliver  a solution to a difficult problem. A west bengalian with a sheer crave for knowledge and detail, impressed me and of course my way of handling things did impress him to become a good friend.

In between, a pleasant visit to Taj Banjara hotel was also part of my stay at Hyderabad. And I happened to meet Mr. Micheal Hegarty, the MIL 1553 hero.

The above was about the people I visited at Hyderabad.

Hang on I did visit couple of places on weekend. 

First of which is Salar Jung Museum

I thought of copy pasting the about available on its website but I wish to speak about the place in my own words. I have following  words to explain the place... oldest collection, highly educative, sexy paintings, complete satisfaction.

Never had the opportunity to visit this type of museum, an absolute treat to a person who wish to appreciate the human race. Two storey building spoke a wholesome language and touched every part of life which you are supposed to know about human race. From love to fight, from western to eastern, from wood to crystal. You name it, you will find it in this museum. It was not a surprise that I spent almost three hours over here. I have following pics for your:

Above are few pictures I like but many hundreds more are there waiting to educate individuals who have that crave to learn more about their past. Take time to visit this place once if you drop in at Hyderabad.

Coming back to 100 Rs for single and 10 Rs. for sharing. This was the concept introduced to me on my way to Golconda, once the capital of old Telangana. I opted for sharing as staying single at Hotel, wanted me to enjoy with people and not to be disappointed, met different kind of individuals and did pay up for a drunkard. Funny.

Golconda is a damaged stone fort where once Qutub Shahi dynasty dwell. You will be introduced to a feel that every strong fort can be destroyed one day or the other. Moreover you will be presented with a beautiful voice and light oriented brief about the history of the monument in a light show wherein the fort is illuminated beautifully for you.

Few photos for you:

I hope you enjoyed the pics and information presented. Have a nice day.. :)

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