Sunday, 10 July 2016

Only compassion can counter radicalisation....

I hope that your weekend has been great and have some time to process some text about social issues.

To round up, this month has been all about ISIS terrorism, trying to become a new trend among youth, they are carrying out a propaganda. No one can deny that their propaganda is being accepted among youths in the name of GOD , in the name of social justice, in the name of revenge, in the name of freedom etc etc etc.
All this time , joining to these radical forces were attributed to poverty and illiteracy, but latest attacks at Bangladesh has proved every one wrong.

Just trying to decode, if I were in the position of recruitment for these radical organisation. My target wouldn't have been to recruit a poor malnourished individual instead a young lad with full of ZEAL who can do anything for me would have been a better option.
Yeah, it is the youth who had that uncontrolled zeal undertook heinous crime at Bangladesh. Overzealous youths are danger to the society who when uncontrolled or administered can turn out to be a soft target of these kind of radical organisations. Overzealous youths, apart from needing small push find these inhuman missions a source of adventure to satisfy their youthfulness.

This is just a beginning and this basic problem of overzealous youth factor is going to harm the society in a big especially during this age of two parents working, where in a child is left under the supervision of maid with loads of violent video games to keep its mind engaged violently.
Religion is just a reason, but fancy for violence will make these youths find their own reason to be a part of violent tribe.

Is there a way to correct the mistakes? Yes there is a way and it needs to be adopted immediately. so that we can created a batch of compassionate youth who can outnumber already tuned non-compassionate.
Schools instead of introducing a kid to commercial side of this world which will fail to keep a kid interested in good part of this world should introduce the kid to life side of the world.

Simple way is to make a kid grow a plant and try to harvest flowers from the plant. Beauty of a flower can do wonders. Tickle-me plant, this plant has tiny leaflets which reacts to touch of the person also known as touch me not plants. Kids will find it amazing.Another way of instilling humanity within kids is to help them grow pets. Allow the kids to feed the pets during the school interval. Make them watch it play, watch it feel sorry etc etc. Enabling the kids to understand unexplained silent pain is the need of the hour.
The above are just examples and the time is running out for sure. Keep advising the people around no matter how nonsense they may feel, because their minds may ignore but their hearts will recall the same when in isolation. Pulling an individual towards right path from wrong path is the greatest service you can do for humanity. Best of luck.

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