Saturday, 15 October 2016

Cost of protection... war games... :(

A good happy family with its own culture, goals and ideas keeps itself running with parents being present, grand parents providing the past gyaan and children acting as a future path. Its a complete connectivity between past, present and future.

The aim of every family is to flourish in this competitive world. Some follow ethics and feel that ethics does matter to flourish happily and some just don't care about the ethics as they are happy to showoff the world the material pride they had earned by hook or crook. If things were this much simple there would be no problem but when the greed of non-ethics exceeds the permissible limit the ethical is forced into protectionist mode. Safeguard his/her family from the brutality of the non-ethics. They are forced to spend on this protection and cut on the expense of good requirements of the family. It may be a good education, purchase a new farm house and so on. Ethical is forced.

Just replace the family with country and situation is the same. India is buying arms, lots and lots of arms. Advance jets, missile system and so on to safeguard its boundaries from non-ethical neighbours. India is forced to buy lots and lots of arms.

But should India be happy about it? Not at all because it still has 39% of its kids starving for food according to the latest statistics. It needs lots and lots of money to alleviate the people from below poverty level so that each and every citizen can be guaranteed three meals of the day and a decent shelter and clothing to survive with dignity. Yet India is forced to spend lots and lots of money on arms.

But there is no good big brother who can impose a world order with a vision of seeing human beings lead a dignified life. Instead one is ready to attack the other, upon seeing a weakness and use the same for their filthy profit.

Profit is a word which has diverse meaning and it means different to different kind of people. For some profit is a means of continuing a business on a positive note and see it as an encouragement and for some profit is way of protecting their future and establishing their supremacy over other for decades. Supremacy in terms of insulting and ill treating subjects.

Instead of running the world based on profit and loss pattern, I wish the world leaders should work on a win-win kind of deal where one's profit doesn't become a loss for the other. But a dignified lifestyle is guaranteed to each and every individual on this earth. 

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