Sunday, 11 December 2016

I am a supporter not a follower....

Before moving ahead, if you are a political fanatic who thinks that leaders should not be questioned, then excuse me, you should not be continuing. If you still continue, its at your own risk.

There were strict orders from government. Those who discuss the health status of Chief Minister over the internet/ social media , they would be arrested and prosecuted. And the same was done using the state police machinery with a quick reaction time. 

The intention was clear about preventing the panic situation. Days passed and ultimately the Chief minister was declared dead. Police did a wonderful job and no riots were reported. From Prime minister to President, condolences poured in. Amma is being replaced with Chinnamma and the show is moving on.

Well and good. But according to latest report in the leading newspaper around 203 people die of Shock due to demise of the Chief Minister. It is quite hard to digest the numbers and party to which the Chief minister belongs has decided to compensate for such deaths.

The question remains, why is that people die of a shock and grief of a chief minister? Ultimate answer would be love on the beloved leader.

How much is too good to bestow the love on a leader rather on their policies and philosophies. That leads to discussion on difference between being a supporter and a fan. 

In a college, students elect a class representative, who is well versed to communicate their ideas/ decisions to the higher authorities and act as a point of contact to the entire class. Students respect him/her for the role taken and thank him/her whole hearted. Its not difficult to replicate the same on the political level.

But things get complicated when the class representative instead of doing the required simple job involves himself in non-required complex jobs like doing some kind of dis-information campaign or becomes a medium of extortion for some additional marks/ influence. The class segregates into pro leader and against leader resulting in polarisation and things get complicated further.

So when looked into above prism of things, the so called "love in politics" turns out to be a complicated form of doing politics and polarising the people to such an extent that you make them die for you. Is it fair? In other words a person who merely was to act as a voice of people to understand their problem and solve the issues, when turns out to become a power house to create a different level of power circles around you, its a complicated version of democracy resulting in unequal development of the society.

It is not fault of the politicians, instead it the fault of we common people who try to extract a demi-god of the leader and complicate the entire process which serves no real purpose except for show off. 

I would like to add a disclaimer. The views expressed are aimed towards spreading awareness on "simple democracy" rather than a complex version. The incidents taken into consideration are for proving the same and not to hurt any individual or political organisation or their die hard followers

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