Sunday, 22 January 2017

Protest is my birthright

Its a busy world. For even a weekend cinema with friends there is a need for an organiser who will check with availability of each one in group, convince the unwilling, adjust the timings and then reserve the ticket accordingly to make it happen.

But the scene at Marina beach is incredible. No single organiser, people pouring in without any regards to their schedule and have taken the government to task in a fantastic way for its failure to handle their sentiments in a rightful manner. This should come as to shocker to ruling party who were busy in succession fight and understand a fact that if you fail to provide your time for the people's problem you will just be reprimanded.

I am no fan of Jallikattu, but going by the facts provided by people over Internet, I am convinced that sport should be given a chance to be practised but in more organised manner by placing proper rules and regulation to protect our nativity with no death and injuries to report.

Whenever people get together, it is an headache to ruling party and opportunity to the opposition, but in this case people were smart enough to keep both the sides away at an equidistant and showing that there is no saint in politics. Yes, it is this awakening that is required by the people of the country who gets associated with political parties and leaders as if they are avatar of god on the earth. A politician is one who makes use of people's aspiration to get himself/ herself attain a powerful position and later ride on the back of the same people who get them up.

Scenario is changing, as people have understood that there are no saints in politics, it is time to make the politicians understand that playing politics with their aspiration should be be last activity to be carried out by political parties. And the only tool which people of the country is to "protest." Protest in a way the people in power understand its consequence and act accordingly. We don't need statue of liberty. Instead we need statue of a protester. 

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