Friday, 10 March 2017


How many times you have been criticized by your superiors or friends who complain about you not understanding the BIG PICTURE?
I don't know about you, but I have been criticized many times for sure.

I just want to decode the secret behind that BIG PICTURE.

There are two kinds of people who speak about the BIG PICTURE.

A mother who sees her kid always roaming wasting his/ her time and not interested in education feels sad and complains to father that kid doesn't understand the BIG PICTURE.

A businessman goes to a sincere government servant and offers bribe for authenticating illegal activities. When the government servant refused to accept bribe, the businessman makes fun of the upright officer saying that latter doesn't understand the BIG PICTURE.

You are right, two types of people and two types of BIG PICTURE. For a mother big picture is bright future of her kid, for a businessman big picture is term used to seduce the sincere person to amass illegal wealth through his illegal activity.

It is this trap of big picture which many innocent people get into and loose their upright character due to deceptive incitement. 

Remember to believe in the big picture that makes your heart, mind and soul big enough.

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