Sunday, 26 March 2017

What is your interest....??

When there was no digital media, people used to quench the thirst of interest in others in various different forms. For example, spending time while moving to work on a vehicle by checking with the worries/ happiness of the co-traveller. This would automatically create a kind of bond which no other fb friends request / linked in request would create.

But things have changed. If some interest arises with reference to a person we go to their fb wall and based on the kind of posts they offer we create a mental picture in our minds and pacify our hearts saying that concerned person is in no way expecting any personal interaction from our end. There is a termination of the interest. Or we just see that there is nothing special about the person and ignore them altogether. Its same case with the other end.

Social sites have more or less facilitated faking emotions. I see many pictures on internet wherein person might be living in a hut but his/ her selfies showcase him/her a millionare. 

We are so connected that divine hearty relationship between couples has become a totally non existent topic. Earleir if couple were in love and his/her friend hears gossip about the one among pair cheating the other, the friend would defend the love between the couple to his /her core. But in today's scenario the same friend would like to check if the boy/girl would be available for second round of date with him/her. Tastes have soured to such cheap level. And it is just another passing news.

Lack of self censorship and self dignity is driving the world towards a direction where-in one is losing the interest in others as well as interest in his/her own life which ultimately leads to a goal-less life that would gradually lead to a death trap/depression.

Studies will keep us interested till we graduate, work will keep us interested till we earn enough for our living, God will keep us interested till will feel it BUT only love has that ability to keep us interested till we die. So keep loving the world around you, not necessarily the filthy minded people around but it can be a small flower in your garden or a puppy in your neighbour. Nature never stops sharing its love with you. 


  1. Awesome said lines buddy, we do need to adapt this precious thoughts in our daily life. As said these are Wonderful thoughts and would want each one of you to take this in their lives to live in like before.

    1. Thanks for nice review buddy. Share the post if possible. Once again a hearty thanks.