Saturday, 17 June 2017

Being Common... Being Distinct...

A human being is an amazing individual who leads life according to his / her principles / wishes / needs.

But entire dynamics of life changes once individual becomes a part of group of people. Group of people may be members of a family setup or team members at workplace or friends group at house locality or college locality.

You will not be astonished when I say that you have experienced whatever I am writing henceforth. 

An individual feels like having complete autonomy in deciding his / her life. This is belief of that particular individual but  reality is quite contradictory unless and until the individual has stopped living life true to his / her heart. Because once you start living life true to your heart you need to consider the aspirations or requirement of people around that ultimately makes you part of group of people.

So what exactly is the advantage or disadvantage of being a part of group of people and why certain individuals feel worried about being a part of group of people?

A group generally requires its members to align to a common ideology to exist or have a common point of interest to thrive upon. You need to get convinced or keep convincing others when there is a deviation from this commonness. But on the other-hand individuals have their attachment towards safeguarding their distinct behavior.

Hence in any group there exists a tug of war between person who believes in commonness and a person who believes in being distinct.

The most common reason for people avoiding being a part of group is the fear of being cheated. Yes, most people act like being convinced and but in reality safeguard their distinct behavior to end up deserting the person who actually get truly convinced based on the promises of falsely convinced person.

So what is way the best way to lead life? Is it being common or being distinct? Neither is going to have great impact on your life. But having good intentions for people around as well as for yourself and identifying the people with wrong intentions to correct the same is going to make your life quite memorable to recall. 

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