Saturday, 15 September 2012

Calmness Vs Activeness - A short story

Many of you would have heard the story of a race between Rabbit(Hare) and Tortoise. A fast front running Hare looses to Tortoise. Principle moral of the story emphasizes on importance of steady continuous growth and its advantage over fast intermittent successful acts.

This particular story just popped into my mind when I happened to visit a medical practitioner along with my mother as she was feeling ill. There was a big queue and we needed to wait for our turn. Many patients were pouring in and Doctor was busy examining  patients taking his own time. There were all kinds of patients from old to young, male and female etc. There were two babies aged around five years belonging to two different mothers.

I was watching antics of those babies as I had no other work over there than waiting for my mother's turn. The two babies had quiet a contrasting behavior just like those between a tortoise and a rabbit. One baby was so active that it never wanted to stay with his mother and kept slipping from her hands. He wanted to move all around the place. Occasionally came to me but was much interested in the key bunch of my two wheeler and began to play with it. Just few minutes, baby had a change in its mood which made him to  leave the key bunch and started to roam around again. His mother was tired of taking him back along with her but baby wasn't hearing the mother. At last his grandmother who had accompanied the mother and baby lost her cool and punished the baby with a slap on his face and baby had no other go but to sleep on the lap of grandmother crying. Crying , crying baby went into a sleep mode.

The other baby was watching all these activities standing silently besides his mother tightly catching hold of her leg. He had a calm vision , observing the world around him rather than roaming around restlessly like the other kid.

Now I had a guess about the future of kids with this state of mind practiced by them.Majority of the people in this world are restless for various reasons, some worry about their family, some worried about their  income, some worried about their nation, some worried of their religion and some worried about the worries of restless people . The baby who was restless by birth will find no difference in the environment around as he grows, he will add to the list of worried people.

But the one who is calm and satisfied with his look will be looked upon as a alien among the group; And most of people with this type of  calm behavior will see their interest meeting at spiritual world. 

The question is about the upper hand i.e should I say being calm is good for life or being active/restless is good for life? 

Confusion does makes a house in one's mind when such questions are posed because they are of such type. Personally, I like to be calm because it gives me opportunity to observe the world around in a better way than jumping the gun on certain matters hurriedly. This calmness makes me look dumb as many of the people around me believe in concept of activism. People also believe that in the path of activism there is no need to worry about wrong steps but fast execution of the thoughts matters. I argue about the need to do a wrong act and then correct it when I can be first time correct by being calm and composed though little slow.

The world is really a mix up of calm and active people, one does something wrong and other corrects it. I wonder the use of service engineer if all the equipment manufactured worked correctly. So is the use of calm and cool minded people to correct and encourage active bulls!!!!Both have their own purpose to serve in this world..!!!!


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