Friday, 21 September 2012

Way to move on-!!!!!!

World of politics is something a great battle within, we see everything - corruption, crime, grouping, threatening, fight, lies, cheating, framing etc etc.

In simple words, politics is all about finding a common ground for a group of people and the person who achieves success in this direction emerges out as a winner.One can find out the common ground by understanding the mind and soul of the people around. But I am not here to speak about politics but it is more about contrast which was observed by me while following the incidents which took place in the politics at national level.

For those confused citizens let me brief about the political situation in India. There was a parliament session held recently and three CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) reports were tabled which showed the present Govt. of India led by UPA ( United Progress Alliance) headed by Mr.Manmohan Singh in a poor light raising questions on his credibility because the three reports were about losses which Govt. of India had to bear due to wrong policies followed by the government.

So the first part of the story is clear. Next, it was all bashing up of UPA government by BJP which had blocked the parliament from functioning demanding resignation of Honorable Prime minister who is Mr. Manmohan Singh. The status quo was maintained, with UPA blaming State governments for the so called losses in distribution of Coal gates and BJP blaming the UPA government.

There was a scenario when everything seemed to be settling and a writ petition requesting the intervention of Supreme Court of India into alleged Coal gate scam was requested by a petitioner which was accepted by the Court and sent a notice to Coal ministry for its response. The same evening Govt of India announced number  of decisions under the banner called "ECONOMIC REFORMS" which included increasing the price of diesel, limiting the number of subsidized gas cylinders and allowing the FDI in multibrand retail.

Second part is concluded and final part is about agitation. The so called reform measures announced by Mr.Manmohan singh failed to convince the opposition parties as well as some of the parties within its alliance which resulted in protests in the form of Bharath Bandh. One of the party within the UPA called Trinamool Congress under the leadership of Shri. Mamata Banerjee raised her voice against the price rise, cap on subsidization gas cylinders as well as FDI in multibrand retail. She gave an ultimatum to the Government and threatened to withdraw support from her party to the UPA. But for the reason best known to Shri Manmohan Singh none of her requests were accepted by the Congress party which is the decision maker of the Alliance/group.

The problem with politics in India is that no one behaves as spoken by them, for example there will be a promise which will not be kept, there will be a manifesto which will not be followed and there will be a deadline which will not be met. People had same doubts on the deadline of the Smt. Mamata Banerjee and wanted to know her true colors.

She gave a deadline of Five days which was then extended to one more day, there was eagerness among all the stake holders to see whether this lady too will go back on her terms. The deadline was over and she came and sat before the mics of the press who were readily recording and broadcasting her statement to the viewers. She impressed everyone. She withdrew her support for the government and her decision was purely based on her principles ie. protecting the interests of Maa (Mother), Mati (Land) and Manush (Human being).

Fantastic was her decision!! Because here we see a person who stood on her words and took decision based on the principles believed by her rather than calculating the advantages and disadvantages which is the  basis for politics in Modern India.Just observe Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi party, he protests against UPA but still supports UPA. He is playing a dual role. Now it is no tough task to be on the either side of the fighting group for you will never loose. Some people may call it as intelligence but I term it as bull shit!!!!

And thus a debate can be started with above story as the basis i.e. life based on advantage and disadvantage as a factor and life based on principles as a factor.

Get ready for a storm of life- I can link the politics with feel of love between two people. Even in politics there are two people one is called a Leader and another is called a follower. But in love we call the individuals as lovers.

If you ask two loving people , a reason for their union they will simply say that they feel like loving each other and nothing else. Try to explain them about the advantages and disadvantages of loving a particular person which most of  the probable lovers searching for a pair do i.e. they try to look at the money possessed by a person, his/her stature, beauty etc etc and make some filthy calculations and then decide to love; a pair who are truly in love with each other will send you packing because they do not believe in the factor of advantages and disadvantages instead believe in the meeting of their principles followed by each individual in his/her life.

Advantages and Disadvantages can be used a criteria for selection while buying some machines or materials in return for money because by buying a machine  with maximum advantages we can use make use of the machine for best use. But while choosing a person i.e. as a leader, as a wife or a husband we need to see how committed a person is to his/her principles because a person who doesn't go against his/her principles will never ever cheat anyone in his/her life.

So is about Ms. Mamata Banerjee committed to her principles and she will never cheat her followers as done or being speculated of Mr.Manmohan singh/ Mr. Mulayam Singh yadav. But I find people making fun of the ones who are principled in their life and term them as fools who do not change.

I would like to warn them that it is easy to lead a satisfactory life among principled people as they will never back stab you  but by leaving with the one who often change colors based on advantage and disadvantage factor  you will end up wasting your precious life time by putting the people around under scrutiny!!!!!!Be careful!!!!!


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