Thursday, 27 September 2012

Reason to live !!!

Every life is accompanied by a reason...and this reason shapes that particular life!!! Well well...I do speculate about the reason associated with an animal but I could have been successful in this direction if there was someone who would have taught me animal language.. LOL!!!

I do understand the language of human beings, so it is easier to make out the reason for this species!!! Do you know the most basic  reason associated with a person to lead a life? It is the fact that- " S/He is born and hence needs to live." and to live they speak or communicate with the others who have already hoisted their flag on this earth!!

Apart from the above basic reason, but let me tell you that apart from this basic reason I have seen people who have the below set of reasons associated with their life:

a. Compete with the people around and dominate them
b. Learn new things and showcase before the people
c. Earn good amount of money and materials
d. Enjoy the world with addiction quality
e. Do, what the neighbor does
f. Conquer the entire world

The above are some of the silly reasons practiced by a person which are next level higher than the basic reason. Following are the set of reasons which is one step further in the ladder:
a. Raise a family and take care of it with love and care.
b. Help the poor and needy

Now I would like to introduce you to the next set of reasons:
a. Work for improving the level of humanity
b. Instill a sense of goodness in the hearts of people around

Finally you can also find people with filthy reasons in their mind-
a. Harm the people around to intimidate them
b. Never allow happiness to flourish around

The above are just few of them but many more reason flourish in the minds of people and each one is Uniquee...try to figure out the one in the minds of your loved ones...!!!!

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