Saturday, 8 September 2012

The two worlds- a short story

"And my path is fixed to a direction and it is of business, wishing to become a greatest deal maker of the world. Each second of my time should be converted into money, each transaction should bring me profit." determined words by Shigur, a budding businessman.

"The deal sounds great but will burn your time into ashes reserved for your family and friends.They were with you as a support stick at required times. But now it is all you, they want to be and not a businessman.Cant you hear their hearty call?"serious questions being raised by his wellwisher Suraj, a social worker.

"Oh!Yes.I know these caring friends and family members. Friends stayed away from me, family members sat on my head and it was a time I was jobless at home, searching for a path which will give me reasons for going ahead in life. And now I have no obligation to take their words into my heart which had no sympathy for my state of mind," a visibly confident yet with sadness in voice spoke Shigur.

"Very common deduce!!! should have thought differently/happily! You are extending the line of sadness to extend beyond your limits which was started by your friends and family members as said by you. The problem is that though you know to identify the problem,you have chosen to react to the problem instead of solving for the same. I dont want to be preachy but you shared something personal with me, a good friend of you, and I cannot be mute listener," clear was the reaction of Suraj.

"Think different!What do you mean by it? I know to think not to think differently! When someone insults me, I know to insult them back and I was taught to react or think so! When my friends or family members insult me I have no other option but to insult them back as a punishment to their rude behaviour. What better idea can you suggest me? Do not compare yourself with the rest of friends as you were the one responsible for me to come out the negative world and gain a confidence in the unseen future.I respect you hence I do not feel like venting any type of ire on you," thanksgiving Shigur had his mind expressed.

"A mind which thanks others without any hesitation deserves an entry to the other world. Welcome Shigur. Its good that you were able to acknowledge my effort of getting you away from the darkness but you are not completely insulated. Believe me and in my ability of letting you to touch the other world," with surprize in mind Suraj was kindling the excitement factor in Shigur.

"You are a good friend of mine but never expected you to fool me. Firstly you spoke about the thinking differently and in order to explain about the same now you are raking up the issue of other world.Never were you so surprising! You need to explain me in depth and I am not going to rest without the same," so was Shigur adamant in his approach

"Let me put it simple-We are living in two worlds! A world based on materialistic contents where you need physical power and money to gain prominence. Second world is based on feelings such as love, care, justice etc. Now when I wish to define more about these worlds, it is always better to compare them. A world based on money is quite relative and can be tampered. You are considered to be rich in a group of people whereas this money means nothing when you are alone. There is a easy route to gain prominence in this money based world, requirement is a set of lies and illegal actions, This will make you king/queen of this world.

But the other world based on feelings is more personal i.e. there is a individual accountability. The one who has appreciable qualities of love, care and an interest to follow the rule of justice without yielding to personal likes and dislikes shall stand out successfully to enjoy state of satisfaction based happiness. When you think, it can be related to an act of moving ahead in the world of money which includes decision to steal, cheat, threaten, kill etc. or thinking can be based on the idea of moving ahead in the world of feelings which is to love the people around, care for them, work hard, be sincere to self and people around," Suraj was in full throttle.

Shigur wasnt speaking as he was speechless and had never thought about the other world till this second. He took a walk alone to later return and speak," I can connect to each and every word spoken by you so fluently. I can feel my mind meeting your point or idea about life. So I can be happy all alone as I am good and had never thought wrong about people around even in most troubled times. I worked hard to get my business develop and never resorted to criminal activities when devoid of a job. I am good and am feeling very much happy about it Only wrong thing I did was about the idea of punishing the people who never know about the other world. I will revert my stance and I know that now my duty to share about the other world with others as you had with me. Love you my friend and I can feel how happy you are from within your heart."

Try to relate yourself.... :)


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