Sunday, 23 September 2012

Come on !! I met scientists!!!

Scientists !!! I wasn't sure about that factor which made a person with a tag scientist associated with him so famous. I too shared the same picture of an old man with a long white beard and uncombed hair wearing a white apron and playing with some mixtures of chemicals to be associated with a scientist, as seen in our films!!!

But believe me, Scientists are really nature's best pick who are allowed to decipher the same!! Stopping the drumming phase because I know that I have been heard loud enough, through this article I wish to share my experience about the ways and habits which a scientist believes in and I have seen those individuals too close. Guess the number of them , it is around 20 odd collection in a single building. 

Welcome to NCBS ( National center for Biological Science), situated near GKVK Bangalore midst lush green trees!! I am not going to elaborate on general detailing as the same is available at the site , if you can find a common factor in my previous postings the same factor will greet you over here.

After much dilly dallying , I was able to join this institute as a technical trainee exactly one and half year ago and my duty was to cater to the electronic needs of the institute-it is a very brief explanation. Concentrating on people who are the pillars of institute, scientists.They are the true stars.

And life of scientists is self defined and self reliant. I can explain their cycle as follows. Every scientist was a student to  another scientist working under him/her on a specific project which will earn them his/her doctorate. As those students gel with the scientific life, they identify a stream in science which requires their contribution or the stream which they think will help the human race, to prepare a report mentioning the aim of proposed research, infrastructural as well as man power requirement for the same. Based on the report, they request for a grant from organisations who are ready to invest in the research.With grants in hand, it is all research for the scientist and his/her group consisting of students i.e. aspiring scientists. Scientists at regular intervals put forth their hard earned research papers informing about the progress made in the research.

The above were procedural aspects of research, but more than these procedural aspects, it is the commitment and integrity of person in limelight which I would say is something great about!! In the world of experiments, a scientist has many duties to fulfill as below:
a. Make maximum use of the time and money invested upon him/her
b. Identify latest equipment in the market required for his/her experiments
c. Plan his/her laboratory for its maximum use
d. Select proper kids i.e students because mischievousness can really spoil the game
e. Work day and night on the experiments
f. Prepare appropriate reports to be shared with the investor
g. Finally end up discovering or inventing something useful to this world

And this is done solely on the basis of self interest with no one to push them up but many people to block for rather distasteful reasons.So a scientist is really a self supported and self pushing individual always busy doing something to satisfy their positive interest!!!

And I have to mention name of the scientist Prof. Obaid Siddiqi, an 80 year old personality with a zeal to discover something more in the field of life science. I cannot explain about the importance of his discoveries so far as I am a distant relative of life science but by speaking few words to him I can say that he understands life from bottom to top in its positive spectrum. But sadly I couldn't fulfill his request for a milli-volt amplifier till the end of my career at NCBS. It will take years to read the total collection of books at his work place!!!

So, it is all about commitment to our work and making a positive movement in life which makes a human being distinguishable compared to the losers/sufferers around...Hope you enjoyed the little write up!!!

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