Saturday, 22 September 2012

Language of learnt...A short story!!!!!!

There was a heavy traffic jam on a busy road and Kishan was getting late to a meeting!! Unable to bear the delay he yelled at his cab driver midst making calls to his company!! Cab driver got down from the cab and walked a few minutes to know the reason for the blockage.

A person riding a two wheeler who tried to jump the signal was hit by a bus from the other side, blood was spilled all over the road and his pillion rider who supposed to be a friend of rider was seen limping yet fighting with the bus driver. Driver of the cab named Anwar as he reached the accident spot was shocked to see that the guy hit by the bus was a known to him and his name was Shabbir, a relative of elected representative of the area where he resides. He immediately tried to pacify the duo and asked the pillion rider to take the person to the hospital and by then police as well as ambulance had rushed to the spot. Police took the bus under their control and asked the driver to ride the bus to police station whereas the victim, who was bleeding as the helmet was not on his head but was in his hand during the course of accident, was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. 

Anwar, informed the matter to the elected representative and walked to the cab. By then the traffic blockade was cleared and Kishan heaved a sigh of relief as he was assured to reach meeting venue at right time by the driver. Cab driver Anwar was getting calls on his mobile from other relatives of the Shabbir and he was busy answering them. Kishan, who finished his last minute corrections of his presentation, took some time to know about the accident. Anwar readily explained him about Shabbir, a rude personality of the area.

To begin with Anwar had some sympathy for the victim but later termed the entire accident as a punishment to a arrogant person. Anwar began to speak , "I know that to lead a life in this world we need to be fearless and should take some risk in life but there is a limit to everything and the one who is fighting for his life in the  hospital failed to acknowledge that LIMIT. Any fight in our area will have his involvement and more than his involvement it is the involvement of his physic which made him settle scores with the opposite. Decided never to hear anyone as he was fed with a belief that he was always right by his wicked father and mother who are no more which again a result of their wrong doing killed by their enemies. I find people who fight for themselves, their place, food, pride etc. Do you think it is correct?"

Kishan was surprised by the question but not amazed and answered, "Fighting! I like that word very much because it defines our qualities and I have no complaints about it but yes fighting for a selfish needs does take the humanity away from us. I am on my way to meet a foreign delegation who here to find a probable working partner. And I am a representative of my company, to be simple a soldier from by company sent to  conquer that opportunity and I am going to fight with others for the same. But we give respect to BASIC HUMAN VALUES. I mean I will meet my opponents, greet them, speak to them, have lunch with them, some of the opponents are friends whose family members are known to me. With this basic level of courtesy requirement satisfied we then fight for our companies which we represent for. My opponents will speak about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in their companies and I will speak about mine. Based on the level of our competency factor the foreign delegation will choose its partner. The winner will all be in smiles and losers will concentrate on the other work in their list of to do's. We shake our hands with each other wishing best of luck to the winner and try to improve our weakness. So the entire process has a theme and it is WITHIN FRAME OF HUMANITY."

Anwar was very happy with the explanation and wondered," Exactly the same is missing in the people which I am surrounded by. There is no consideration for that MINIMUM LEVEL OF HUMANITY and language spoken by us is quiet ugly as we do not believe in the LIMITS. The guy who died is of that type who will stoop to any level, never to hesitate from committing a crime for getting his work done. Since he had close relationship with elected representative he never feared from Police too and never feared for law of land."

And a call reached Anwar's mobile informing him about the death of Shabbir due to excessive bleeding and Kishan was sorry for the deceased and spoke, " So when you analyse the life of Shabbir you will observe that he lived a life of an animal, never to understand his humanity and human values such as love and care. I bet his soul will never be satisfied with the type of life lead by Shabbir to return back to this earth. The one who learns , understands and follows the human values shall be fully satisfied irrespective of his caste or creed and will never like to be born again on this earth. I appreciate that you had been able to observe the animal in Shabbir but I bet you can stay away from committing same mistakes as done by Shabbir, Fight for the human values which will help you become more human, for your family which loves you and wishes for your happiness, for your nation which provides a place on this earth to earn and learn but not for your ego and selfish desires."

The cab reached the office and Anwar as well as Kishan found good friends in each other...

The theme of the story is to highlight the importance of MINIMUM LEVEL OF HUMANITY in our life which is missing from the people who then suffer for the mistake.

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