Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Best fight in the world- @ Parliament of India

My country is great!!!!

Do you need to know why? Obviously for the reason that we fight great for great reasons!!!!

A person may not have enough food in his house to feed his family but when there is an attack on his religion he will FIGHT. He will have a leader blowing the trumpet on a podium in front of a mic being heard on a loud speaker.My fellow Indian will be hearing him either being seated on the branches of the trees or on the stones near edges of the ground. Traveled by free bus arranged by beloved leader and assured of free food as well as money at end of the day.

He is looted of his money, a right to live freely, his privilege in this society as well as his identity, but still he doesn't care.He doesn't wish to question the integrity of his master as he believes the guy from  heart.He is taught to believe his leader, work for him and obey him.

But our beloved leaders look at the heads of such people as stepping stones towards the treasure to involve themselves in various scams- 2G, CWG, Coal, and don't see them as a fellow human being whose emotions and feelings needs to be respected.

I am wishing to see a leader who has this sense of feelings towards the voters whom they represent in the parliament. Till then big fighting tamasha will continue to entertain me and we will boast ourselves to be the great democracy in the world as told my Shri Pranab Mukherjee, President of India.


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